It goes without saying that a powerful mind produces a powerful life. Right now, we are on the verge of massive growth and change. It is time for you to focus on what you really want and upgrade your thinking to attract your destiny.

Are you ready to EMERGE into the life you were born to live?

2017 is the year of the UPGRADE...

NOW more than ever, you are being called to make a difference in the world. Are you ready to step up to the plate? The time of the lone ranger is over. We all NEED one another to make a lasting difference in this world.

It is time to manifest your ideas, ground your vision, and find new ways to express your creativity.

Are you ready to…

Ask for what you want?

Become unstoppable?

Achieve your dreams?

Attract the people, projects, love and prosperity you desire?

All of this is possible when you take the time to:

Release the outdated vision of your life.

Shift to thoughts and activities more in alignment with what you truly desire.

Transform the inner blocks that prevent you from moving forward with confidence.

Implement powerful practices to support your new way of thinking.

Create a Powerful and Focused VISION 

For Your Life

Joining me at VISION 2017 will set you on the path to UPGRADE with INTENTION. 

Emerge Into Your Best Self

The start of a New Year is the perfect time to release the old stories that have kept you from letting your light shine. It’s time to move from GOOD to GREAT in all aspects of your life.

Over the past 22 years, my Vision workshop has helped countless individuals kick off their new year with the energy of possibility and purpose.

Right now, in this moment, are you fully embracing the possibilities that are available to you?

Or are you feeling overwhelmed by saying YES to everyone (except yourself)?

Has another year gone by with your dreams going unfulfilled?

Can you honestly say that you are seizing every moment, every opportunity and every chance to live at the level of your best self?

If not, then NOW is the time to make a commitment to play even bigger in 2017.

2017 is a 1 year. A year for new beginnings, change, progress. This is the year to know who you are and what you are here to do, be, and have. You know who your best self is, down deep.

It is a year to complete what is left over, to make progress toward your dreams, to give up what has been slowing you down. 


What you can expect at Vision 2017

Tips & tricks to be more

efficient & succeed.


Advanced training for the tech savy people.

Vision 2017 is about giving you the tools, inspiration, and network to create success on your own terms. As we discover who we really are – through soul-searching exercises, powerful rituals, meditation, and a collective commitment to transformation – we become clear about the kind of life we want to create. When this happens, an energy swells up inside us that is fully alive with purpose and an expanded vision. From this grounded place, we will set the tone for the next (and best!) year of our lives.

During this workshop I aim to support and guide you on the journey to harnessing your unique power. You will emerge from this weekend with greater confidence in your intuition, a renewed connection to your purpose, and the power to bring out the best in yourself and those around you. After Vision 2017 you will be fully prepared to UPGRADE TO YOUR BEST SELF! 

So here's my question...

Are you ready to dig deep and fully commit to

creating the life you know you deserve?

How can Vision 2017 catapult you forward?

  • You'll reconnect with your creative power and unique gifts through art, movement, meditation, practical exercises, sound and ritual.

  • You'll take part in powerful exercises, like Vision Collaging, designed to help you bring your innermost desires to life and crystallize new possibilities for the year ahead. 

  • You'll participate in Barbara’s powerful fire Release Ritual to help you honor and let go of your emotional and mental blocks.

  • You'll learn important tools you can use to manage daily stresses and sustain energy, which will keep you on track with your Vision for the whole year.
  • You'll connect with a supportive like-minded community who will embrace your new vision and be a source of positive inspiration.

A Beautiful Weekend of Reflection, Ritual and Intention-Setting

During Vision 2017 we’ll spend a weekend together in New York City, working with simple but powerful tools, techniques and stress-busting practices that promote healing, healthy habits, and overall success.

This workshop provides the outline, the inspiration and the community to create success on your own terms. As you discover who you are – through my soul-searching practices and revitalizing exercises – your desires become clear.

Your energy expands, filling every corner of your soul. Your own unique special abilities begin to manifest.

On Saturday, we will immerse ourselves in a powerful sound healing session designed to help you open the pathways to emotional release, healing and revitalization by utilizing the power of your voice. 

For the first time at VISION weekend we will be diving into the 2017 astrological insights for each sign. Our special guest, Rebecca Gordon, will also be preparing mini birth charts for each participant. 

After a weekend chock full of amazing exercises, on Sunday evening you’ll walk away with a juicy road-map for what you want most in life and a practical toolkit to make it happen.

The time is ripe with potential to transform your relationships, break through old patterns, make new choices in alignment with your goals, find true love, dive head-first into a new project or job – Reignite your life and purpose and catapult your success in 2017 to astounding new heights! It’s time to shine bright and UPGRADE TO YOUR BEST SELF!!!

Collectively, our good intentions can and will change the world!

Joule L’adara, Master of Fine Arts in Multi-Focus Vocal Performance and Integrated Media, has twenty years of experience singing and performing. She has donned many roles including: Experimental Vocalist, Opera Singer, Musical Theater Performer, Actor, Performance Artist, Visual Artist, Recording Artist, Political Activist, Music Producer, Song Writer, Audio Engineer, Performance Coach, Voice Teacher, and Sound Healer.

Joule is the founder of Sounding Circles, a company dedicated to unleashing people’s self-expression, creativity, and personal power through their voices. 

Vision 2017 Special Guests

Rebecca Gordon is a full time practicing astrologer in NYC, founder of the My Path Astrology School, astrology teacher, and resident horoscope columnist at Harper’s Bazaar. 

Rebecca's horoscopes and talents have also appeared with Conde Nast, Epicurious, Prevention Magazine, Elle, Well & Good, Baidu, countless podcasts, radio and TV appearances. Her newly released astrology book titled, Your Body and the Stars (Simon and Schuster) features the intersection between health, the body and astrology.


To find out more about Rebecca and her school, or to schedule a consultation or event, go to

Astrologer, Rebecca Gordon

Sound Healer, Joule L'adara

Registration for Vision 2017 is now open!

The Details:

Date: Friday, January 27th to Sunday, January 29th 

Time: 6pm to 9pm on Friday and 9am to 6pm on Saturday & Sunday

Location: The Loft on 26th

122 West 26th Street

5th Floor

New York, NY 10001

For your convenience, we have included two easy payment options.

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